Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SmartBro Sucks

If you are from Caloocan, do yourself a favor and dont use SmartBro! I hate them, with feelings!!!

* Its been 2 months that we dont have internet connection and before that we only had good connection 2 out of 4 weeks!
* It takes forever to connect to their phone support and all you'll get is please bear with us
* Once you apply for an on site visit, you will be the one to follow up on the status! Yeah, that's another one hour of your life wasted.
* The tech support guys will fix your connection BUT it will be gone after 10 minutes!
* Even the online support is VERY disappointing

Excuse my French but since the customer support has been giving bullshit when I was requesting for termination, last Sunday, I went to their satellite office in SM North to personally give the termination request. I was actually trembling while talking to the poor girl, I know its not her fault so I just told her that everything she needs to know is in the letter! And I wont pay them a single cent. They should pay us for stress pay and the time wasted on reporting their non existent service.


Anonymous said...

I live in Cavite, the highest tower of Smart in the province is just 300 meters away from our house. But the connection is so slow, opening took more than 5 minutes. I'm done with this Smart Bro-ken. Plus their Internet service is off from 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM!

Anonymous said...

I live in Caloocan, and i agree with all of your comments regarding their service. I'm also experiencing the same problem for 2 months, did 2 follow ups to smart center in SM North and what i get is a new SR Number and increasing number of contact number where they can reach me. Can you share what happen with your termination letter? So i can do the same.

Appreciate your response and Thanks in Advance

Mei G. said...

Hi Rai, I filed a formal complaint with termination request. It was very detailed (the date I called, their response, the period when we dont have connection, etc)

After 3 weeks they replied that they wont approved it SO i filed again. HOW ON EARTH THEY CANT APPROVE IT 0.0 they should even give us stress pay