Monday, September 24, 2012

What I did on my Sick Leave, "What I Did On My Holidays"

"'What I Did On My Holidays' is the story of Sophie Sturgeon, whose boyfriend (and office colleague) Callum breaks up with her the night before they're supposed to be going on a fortnight's holiday to Majorca.  Sophie tells him she'll go away without him, but when the moment comes to leave for the airport, she just can't bring herself to go alone. However, Sophie's workmates think she did go and when they commend her for her bold decision, she doesn't know what she can do other than pretend she's in Majorca while hiding out in her London flat.  Add Sophie's eccentric sister Clare into the mix and before you know it, Sophie's embarking on a full-blown fake break with hilarious results..."
What I Did On My Holidays

"Judged a book by its cover." Honestly, its very summery book cover was the first reason why I noticed it from the bookstore's shelf. After reading the excerpt, I thought the book was about a summer romance after a break-up but surprise, surprise! It was that and MORE.  The lead character Sophie is very likable because she's warm and simple. After being dumped by Callum, described as THE dream guy, Sophie blamed herself for being clingy and even doubted why he even chose her. Sophie certainly lacked self confidence on the beginning of the story but with her older sister, Clare, by her side, they became a tag team of sisterhood, empowerment and craziness!

"with hilarious results." I've had a post-holiday break up and it was gruesome so I can imagine how hard it is to have a pre-holiday PLUS pre-30th birthday break-up! Talk about a unique plot but what goes on in between was just hysterical. I literally found myself laughing out loud and cringing sometimes. Speaking of cringe, with the technology these days, how can you even fake a beach holiday and can you imagine your own mom following you on Twitter?

"twist and turns." Spoilers alert--> I've met one or 2 Callums, those guys who gained enough confidence because their girlfriends love them so much. Hmm, that's a lesson for us girls, we should love ourselves more ;) Throughout the most part of the book I sympathized with Clare who's having doubts with her fiance Evan but fortunately he turned from an annoying spending police to a sweetheart for the Sturgeon sisters. Majorca became a dream then a reality for Sophie and Clare, honestly it was the first time I've heard about this place but the book surely set a great mental image of the island! ...and Tom, the charming paramedic, is the light at the end of the tunnel for Sophie!

"What I did on my sick leave.." When I really like a book I tend to make tipid the book so that I wont finish it soon and ironically I've finished this book when I was on sick leave =)) I cant help but fall in love with Brit Chick lit, from Sophie Kinsella to Jane Green and now Chrissie Manby, they never fail me with their romantic but humorous tales!  I'm really looking forward to reading more from them!

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