Friday, November 30, 2012

Bridesmaids Diary: How to Plan a Stag Party

How to plan a bridal shower - become uninvited - then plan a stag party instead?

You read that correctly hahaha! So how did I end up planning Titony's stag party? Because of the success of the bridal shower for Romela, I talked to Julie, the maid of honor/sister of Abi, and pitched a party for her ate. For two weeks, we were skyping and texting back and forth to finalize the date, guest list, venue and budget. Aside from us and their relatives, we also invited Abi's officemates. Then one day, our main contact texted me that they'll plan a separate bridal shower exclusive to their officemates. At first, I agreed happily because more officemate friends can attend but then I realized that we were'nt even invited =))

I knew that the boys were already thinking of throwing a stag party for Titony but even if we're just a week away from the target date, there was no concrete plan. But they have a concrete wish: a stripper =))

condo party FTW!
So, I asked Jake and Titony, who are both groomsmen if I, a bridesmaid, can join the stag party planning? =)) As usual, we divided the tasks! Jake took care of the venue, we were supposed to book a room in BSA suites again but I think because they heard that its a stag party, they became very strict in terms of number of guests. Jake had to cram and look around, finally he found Sunette Tower in Durban Street Makati Ave. The fee was higher than our allotted budget but it was a good deal: 2 bedroom, with basic kitchen, videoke system and allows unlimited guests =))

To have more beer money, they just bought and cooked fish balls, tokwa't baboy and prepared nachos as pulutan. We love the no corkage rule!!

By 10PM, Titony finally arrived and the guest list is complete! Sean, who's also a December groom joined us so we made it a double celebration. Both received a santa hat =)) I was looking for a crown but I just settled for the xmas theme! To break the ice, the first game that we played was a mash up of "Trust the groomsmen" and "Pin the boobs". Each groom needs to choose their trusted groomsmen, and since we didnt have a blindfold, we used the santa hat to cover their eyes (so thats the reason why I got fixated on that thing lol). Then the groomsmen will shout instructions for the groom to properly pin the boobs *hilarity ensues!

Since this is not a purely male party, the ladies also gamely played my now favorite clay molding contest =)) This one, is a leveled up molding contest since the boys were anxiously looking, I had to reprimand them about making comments to make sure that no one is too uncomfortable. 

Banana-rama! Another banana + condom contest but the twist is that the boys played the game and could only use their mouth =)) The last contest was banana eating for couples!

The prize for each contest was "happiness" =)) and the souvenirs were condoms with a sticker of "thanks for c__ming"!


While looking for party supplies on National Bookstore, I saw a Bingo set and decided to buy it =)) I was hesitant at first since we dont have a pot money, but the alcohol kicked in and someone gave 1k as a prize! We ended up enjoying a blackout bingo drinking game because those who are near in completing their cards need to take shots!

Stag party a.k.a bingo night, success!!!

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pomski said...

*clap, clap* to the bridesmaid of the year awardee!! Ikaw na talaga Mars ang ultimate pre-wedding party planner pati na stag party hehe!
(Finally allowed na ko to check your blog hihihi!)

Thanks for being an awesome bridesmaid and a wonderful friend! (*hikbi*) hehe