Friday, February 08, 2013

Anticipation and Aftermath..

One of the items on my personal to do list is to blog at least once a week, in short, this post is long overdue=). Unfortunately, I cant think of a specific topic to write about that's why i decided that like Romz, I'll just blog about random things that I dove into on the first week of February. But come to think of it, all the randomness can fall to one theme-->

 "Anticipation and aftermath are usually worse than the actual thing!"- @Gangbadoy

Korea, Korea, Korea! 
Ok, this trip is 5 months in the making CEBUPACIFIC SEAT SALE and finally it will happen next week! People around me are probably sick of hearing about it hahaha sorry!! Its just that I'm a big fan of Korean culture KDRAMA and I never really imagined that I can go there. Of course, the 1st week of February was spent on planning the itinerary with my travel buddies Jess & Gem. My main concerns for now ASIDE FROM MONEY since we're expecting a really cold weather, are 1) what are the perfect and compact winter sleepwear and 2) how do I handle my constant CR breaks. Are there enough accessible CR in the city hehe? So mundane, no? Well, it helped that  I already downloaded all FREE Korean related apps, from converter to train and city guides plus everyone has blogged about their Korea travels. I've done my intensive research but no one mentioned about those 2 =))

Dream BIG
Sometimes I feel like I've been stuck so when I finally had a new found dream, it was exciting but terrifying at the same time. The possibilities are endless and can lead me to a better place but consequently, I need to become selfish.  I dont think that I have to break ties because there's a way to do that without burning bridges or stepping to someone else's toes. That's all I can say for now because I'm going to face this once I get back from vacation!

Life and timetables, both concepts usually linger on my mind on my PMS days BUT SOMETIMES OVERSTAYS. I always have to remind myself that although there are ideals that SOCIETY DICTATES I think I should have by the age of 27. On the otherhand, there are also a lot of unexpected things, people and experiences that I did not even imagine to come across.

Note to self: Its better to be thankful and enjoy the whole experience instead of stressing myself on those that I cant control.

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