Sunday, April 21, 2013

Manila Symphony Orchestra Experience

After my bridesmaid gown fitting at Jun Escario's studio in Greenbelt, I passed by Ayala Museum and a poster caught my attention. It was for Manila Symphony Orchestra's "A Different Kind of Rush Hour" concert. It was perfect because my cousins were in town and I've thought of showing them around in Makati area. Plus, I always wanted to watch an orchestra play, its on my bucket list! The fascination started when I became a big fan of this awesome Japanese series and movie called Nodame Cantabile which features the struggles and triumphs and love story of an up and coming conductor (Chiaki) and pianist (Nodame).

Fast forward to Thursday, at 6PM my cousins and I were in front of Ayala Museum. The tickets cost 300pesos each and can be bought on the same day at the lobby. We're one of the early birds in the small  audience composed mainly of foreigners and older Filipino crowd. My cousins and I had a chance to go around and explore the gallery before the concert started.

Ayala Museum
The show entitled "Music for Woodwinds" promptly started at 6:30 PM. It was the 3rd concert for the Rush Hour series. I was actually expecting a full orchestra but I noticed that a quintet will play based on the program guide that we received along with the ticket. Although they the Woodwinds section always take a backseat for strings section, it was a fun experience to hear their version of Joseph Haydn and Mozart's classics.  It was refreshing to watch a double quintet do local songs such as "Magtanim ay Di Biro" and "Katakataka" then ended with Paul Koepke's Rustic Holiday. There were moments where I closed my eyes to take in the entire experience arte!
The concert run for almost two hours and also featured annotations from MSO's Jeffrey Solares who gave interesting tidbits about the composers, musicians and the Woodwinds section instruments. Its interesting to know that aside from learning and playing the instruments, the musicians who use piccolo oboe, clarinet and contrabass also make their own reeds. 

I just have to share my pet peeves 1) people who don't turn off their cellphones and 2) those who bring their kids, who eventually throw a tantrum and unintentionally disrupt the concert! Anyway, if you want to "experience music in color" the next concert is on May 2 and will feature the Brass and Percussion section while the full orchestra for MSO 2013 season launch is scheduled on May 22.

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