Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bridesmaid's Diary: Spanx

Vividly describe "Spanx" to unsuspecting friends and hilarity will ensue!

Seriously, Spanx should pay me! I've mentioned this product to most of my friends but I'm not sure if anyone bought it though =)) If I remember correctly, I've read about Spanx on Yahoo's news about the invetor/owner's rise to Forbes millionaire list. Its not until I've gone to my bridesmaid gown fitting, that I'll know that I need it in my life LOL. While fitting the gown with Spandex like cloth, the alta assistants from Jun Escario's studio advised me that I should buy it from Rustan's. "Ok", I replied but on the way home, I Googled it and I was shocked by the price and the item itself. Here's a snapshot of a Google query for "spanx men and women"
Spanx' owner is laughing all the way to the bank!

I cant help but describe this in detail with my friends, I feel that I've spieled the ladies' top secret but how can I not share the hilarious men version! So if you see a buff looking guy who wouldn't take off or change his white top...Spanx alert!

In the end, since I can afford but don't want to buy Spanx that retails for almost PHP10k or Maidenform for PHP5k, I was resourceful enough to find a similar, way cheaper swimsuit type for only PHP800 yay! I found it in SM Makati, it hugs the body and squeezes fats in the right place! Certainly, a gem for bridesmaids =)) 

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