Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Kitchen Edition

My mother has been telling me that I shouldn't buy anything before I move in because it will be hard to pack and transfer those stuff. Prior to this month, I only bought 2 items, a red ottoman chair and a red funky clock. Ironically, my mom was also the one who told me to start buying kitchen items. We spent 2 consecutive Sundays shopping on the department store's home section.
What's under my bed?

With the assumption that I will cook for myself, I listed the basic and must have kitchen tools

* Can opener :))
* plates
* spoon, fork, teaspoon and knives
* drinking glasses
* rice cooker
* rice container
* seasonings container
* non stick frying pan - hello, fried meals
* non stick saucepan (both from my generous aunt )
* Peach colored cooking pot ( how kikay can you get, from my Mom)
* vegetable peeler
* spatula ( 1 for frying, 1 for soup )
* thong - I chose the longest thong possible
* ref
* microwave oven
update: thanks to Landmark's payday sale
- chopping board
- drainer ..for pasta
- cheese grater .. Noticed a pattern?
- kitchen scissor

(To follow)
- kitchen knife
- measuring spoon & cups
- pot holder
- mixing bowl
- kitchen towel
- dishwashing bin and liquid

After completing these, I would love to buy baking tools and a nice coffee maker :)

The Birth of Shopaholic, Home Edition


I always believed in planning ahead because it can lead to discovering better deals and saving money.. In my case, saving money and spending it on other stuff :))

The month of August breezed easily because I've been busy obsessing over my expected condo turnover. Hopefully, its next month *crossing fingers. Its safe to say that I've went through every site and Pinterest pins using my search keywords "small space interior ideas" and "1 bedroom interior design". I even downloaded "Houzz" app as additional reference, my mind was blown away with the thousands of design ideas! Initially, I wanted an Asian themed home using shades of red, black and white. Then I realized that I need to be practical and focus on the ultimate condo problem-->how to make the unit look bigger. I ended up researching for 1 bedroom model units. If you're running on a tight budget like me, its important to consider needs vs wants before making a decision.

There are 4 learnings from countless hours spent on "researching"

- Mirrors can magically transform a small room. I'll be investing on a top to floor mirror on my sala/kitchen!
- Choose space saving and flexible furnitures like wood panel shelves.
- Organize using storage solutions
- Light paint can make a small space appear larger then use pop of color from decors. This made me cross out my dream of red walls, I'll just use red accents instead.

My parents actually wanted me to contact an interior designer but the problem ( aside from limited budget) is that I already know what I want. I ended up looking for a contractor to execute my DIY designs. I'm hoping for the best :)

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Sunshine

Happiness is contagious, be a carrier

We all have that one friend or acquaintance who complains all the time BUT doesn't do anything to change his/her situation. If I'm just mean enough, I would say upfront that "hey,  you're not a tree! You can move your a$$ somewhere if you don't like where you are right now!" But unfortunately/fortunately, I'm a coward  so the best thing that I can do is to break away from these "negastars".

What I like about working at ACN is that they provide mentors for work, career and even for life. Sir Alvin is like my modern pen pal :)) He's one of the speakers during the New Joiner's Orientation and since then he's been sending inspirational emails to our batch. Let me share my favorite email conversation with him.

Sir Alvin: Another work week done. Its always a good feeling to be rewarded after delivering great work. Does it make you happy? Maybe a better question is..are you happy with what you are doing? Are there really "rules" for a happier life?In my team, I try to over emphasize the value of being happy with work and also highlight the importance to be better at one's skills. I think this is important.

Mei: Thanks, sir Alvin.

I know that I have a positive attitude about work but negativity is contagious so we really should choose the company that we'll keep.

Sometimes the attitude of "negastars" can easily dampen one's mood.

Sir Alvin: agree. Continue to be positive :)

I know its a cliche but sincerely, happiness is a choice so choose to be happy.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Witnessed History: Gilas Pilipinas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I cant think of a more appropriate blog post title so I'll let the exclamation points describe the overwhelming feeling that I have now. I've actually calmed down, a bit, I think. The adrenaline from the FIBA Asia semifinals game between Philippines and Korea  wont let me sleep so I might as well use the energy to blog about it.

You see, I'm a local basketball fan. I've been a Ginebra Kings die hard fan for 20 years and UST Tigers faithful for 10 years. Its a different experience to follow the national team, some say we should give up on basketball because we're too short for that sport. There are a lot of "experts' from player selection, a lot of "negastars" because of the disappointments from previous years. I have a different emotional investment for the national team since Gilas Pilipinas is should be every Filipino's team, regardless of the PBA or UAAP/NCAA teams that you root for. 

From August 1 until today, I had to be at home by 8:30PM TV5 shoved Misibis Bay on my throat along the way. I've watched Gilas' sluggish first game against Saudi Arabia then the next day they won convincingly against Jordan. Their last assignment on the first round was against Chinese Taipei, Gilas was leading in the 3rd quarter but their opponents caught up and gave them their first loss. 

The team moved on to the second round where they had a convincing bounce back win against Japan, Qatar and some anxious moments before finally beating HongKong. By virtue of the quotient system, Gilas found themselves #1 in Group E number 1 sa distrito. On the quarterfinals, the Philippine team won convincingly against Kazakhstan with feelings kase 20 point lead! It was their best game so far, they had a great start and strong finish!
Credit: Nuki Sabio
Tonight, I witnessed history. It is one of the most important games for Philippine basketball because winning gave us a shot at FIBA Asia championship along with an automatic ticket for 2014 FIBA World Championship in Spain! While watching the game with my siblings, I explained to them that its been 34 years since we're included on the World Cup, that's why their sister is jumping, screaming and nervously drinking water especially on the 4th quarter. The Philippines, a basketball crazy country, is finally back on the basketball map and will compete with the other 23 best teams in the world! Its, like hitting 3 birds with one stone because the win also gave us a chance for redemption from ALL the international basketball heartbreaks from South Korea. The "Korean curse" a.k.a. close game losses against SoKor team hurt more than any Koreanovela that I've watched. I remember the missed free throws in 2002, the almost won ball game in 2011 FIBA Asia and those freaking comebacks by Korea!! That's why advancing to the finals AGAINST this team was so emotional, for me, all those losses were erased with this one game.

Tomorrow is the 2013 FIBA Asia finals game versus the unbeaten Iran and Gilas will be playing without the injured center, Marcus. It will be tough, can we just fast forward to FIBA World? Or replay the semis game? Hahaha kidding, this is the best time to be a Gilas supporter because win or lose, its the team we choose we're Spain bound and guaranteed to have at least a Silver medal!!!!! I hope that Gilas can string a good run against Iran, its their best chance to be number 1 in Asia!

Honestly, I really think that this is the best national team assembled! Thank you Mark Caguioa for declining to join after coach Chot offered you a slot when you won the MVP award, you're right about not risking the chemistry of this special group. Everyone knows their roles. Jimmy, LA and Jason should bring the ball. Gary, Jeff, Larry should score. Pingris, Gabe, Ranidel should take care of defense. Marcus, Japeth and JunMar should man the center! Hats off to Coach Chot and MVP for building and believing in this team! As a Ginebra fan, I never imagined that I would cheer for Jimmy, Jason and Ranidel but seriously when everyone is off, this combo kept Gilas on track. I love that every night, a new batch will step up to score or provide hustle plays. No hero ball for Gilas! Wow, I know that when they all come back to their PBA teams, it will be hard to not root for them. On that note, I'm excited to see LA and Japeth play for Ginebra! =) I really hope that they will keep this line up intact for the 2014 World Cup!!! Go Gilas!!

My only regret is that I wasn't able to watch the game live. The website, where you can buy tickets online, wont even load on my end 0.0. AT sorry naman sa first name basis =))