Sunday, September 29, 2013

UST Tigers: UAAP's Never Say Die Team

I always think that UST Tigers are the UAAP's Ginebra, the good and the bad. They have a former Ginebra player in coach Pido, who at some point regardless of the odds, just rallies his team to work and play hard! At the same time they also have the tendency to be in the most "Ginebra" situation.

In season 75, UST Tigers were 1st runner up to Ateneo Blue Eagles but won the PCCL national championship during the off season.The team had the same core line up in Teng, Mariano, Ferrer, Abdul and Bautista, that's a solid first five, but their major loss was their leader Jeric Fortuna. In the first round, it was evident that they are weak on point guard position. There were games that one player had to takeover, there's no fluidity on the team offense. On top of that, they also lost king Tiger Jeric Teng after he suffered an injury against NU. The tigers managed to string a couple of wins but the turning point in the second round was their double overtime win against FEU tamaraws.

Yet again, the UST Tigers found themselves in the most Ginebra situation, after losing to the Green Archers they found themselves tied with the Blue Eagles. It was actually a game that was rescheduled because of bad weather and it turned out to be a fitting last eliminations round game. The tigers faced a different Ateneo team this year, they had a lot of changes in their line up and coaching staff but you cannot discount their championship experience. In the end, UST Tigers outlasted the Blue Eagles to book the last Final Four slot!

Credit: UST Facebook Page
The tigers entered the Final Four with a twice to win disadvantage over the number one team, NU Bulldogs. In their first game, the Tigers showed composure because they have been together in the same situation. Last year, they also faced NU but they we're the one with the twice to beat advantage. The key for game 1 was stopping Ray Parks and you can say whatever you want but Kevin Ferrer delivered in both stopping Parks and scoring for UST. 

As they say, the twice to beat advantage is only an advantage if you use it on the first game. The second game is fair game and I believe that the pressure was on NU's side. I only managed to watch the replay of the second half and it was a close fight until the last 4 minutes. Both teams had to manage without their imports, UST's Abdul and NU's Mbe were in early foul troubles. Kudos to UST's Paulo Pe for fighting for rebounds and giving UST second chance possessions while Abdul was on the bench. It was still a Kevin Ferrer show on the fourth quarter with traces of Miley Cyrus, SERIOUSLY drop those tongue antics but Ray Parks was nowhere to be found. He barely touched the ball on the last quarter and when he did, it was everything but the shot. I feel for him, that's not how you imagine to play your last UAAP game. 

It took the UST Tigers 3 consecutive do or die games to barge in the finals against the Green Archers. From an inconsistent regular season performance, they finally have a chance to avenge their unfinished business from last season. I feel that its destiny and I'll just wait for it to unfold. Go USTe!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I've Got Your Number

Honestly, "I've Got Your Number" has been in my reading list for a long time. I hesitated to read it because I have an issue with relationship wreckers, that's the vibe I got from the book excerpt. So the lesson learned is 
"don't judge a book by its cover and plot summary." :))

A surefire laugh out loud Sophie Kinsella book have a heroine who's on the verge of being arrested for a crime. Remember Becky Bloomwood's credit card issues and lies on the Shopaholic series? IGYN introduces Poppy Wyatt who lost her engagement ring, a family heirloom by the way, few weeks before her wedding. One minute her friends were trying it on during her hen dinner, next minute they needed to evacuate immediately because of a security threat on the hotel. Poppy panicked and lost both her ring and cellphone along the way. One of the worst thing that can happen to a bride to be is losing her ring and one of the worst thing to happen to anyone is losing their cellphone. I mean, I totally feel for Poppy because I'm also dependent on my phone for my personal life and work.

Luckily for Poppy, amidst all chaos, she found a phone on a bin! She knew its wrong but she also needs to give a contact number to the hotel personnel who might find her missing ring! Eventually, the owner of the phone, Sam Roxton, found out that his PA abandoned him and the company phone, which is now on Poppy's possession.

Poppy didn't want to give up the phone, her only connection to hotel personnel and her contacts. Yup, she already sent a message blast about her new cellphone number. Of course Sam doesnt want anyone reading the confidential company emails sent through his former PA's phone. Finally, they agreed on a compromise that Poppy will forward all the work and personal text or emails to Sam. It feels intimate to share a cellphone with someone else, I don't know about you but people should keep off their hands from my phone! From this inconvenience, an unlikely relationship and a lot of hilarity ensues.

I seriously had my real LOL experience while reading IGYN. Poppy's on the spot "Mr Yamasaki" song in the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" was funny and annoying because its LSS worthy. Certainly, Sophie Kinsella's books and white chocolate Magnum were both made to lighten up one's day.