Thursday, October 31, 2013

I (used to) Take Halloween Seriously

Darn it, I should have asked "do you have Halloween parties?" during the job offer! Seriously, I've attended a company costume party for 3 straight years and it became a tradition so I'm sorta bummed to break it ..and I'm even blogging about it. This year, I have to settle in giving candies to kids who visited my office.
Trick or treat!
Halloween became one of my favorite holidays ever since I joined FunGuy! My first taste was on 2010, I was lucky that Tyni had a geisha set somewhere in her closet. I rented it and the set even came with socks, slippers and a BLADE! I was once a geisha and chilled with a cowgirl, Minnie Mouse, Pebbles, Katy Perry, Chun Li and a gangster boss!
My girls!
Almost everyone was on competitive mode. I think the cash prize was just secondary, we're just a creative and fun bunch who weren't shy to dress up  and then gets drunk! One of my ex-officemate is a professional cos player. She actually wins every year but that didn't stop us from trying! 
All time favorites =))
The following year, we had to dress up by group! Our all female group became the black angels, it was fun making our DIY wings and makeup!  I was feeling artsy with my face paint but my officemate, Brian, blurted that it's similar to Mike Tyson's face tattoo! Beach!! Hahahaha
Black angels <3
Last year, I was excited to dress up again and I found a black leather overall on my stylist brother's stash, I tried it on and voila, GI Joe's Baroness! Fortunately, I  did not push through with it because on the same day, mars Romz and I were forced to be the party host. 
For Instagram only =))
I just showed up in my Lil Red Riding hood costume :)
I would never pass a chance to let them play the "talong game". Its a modified "Trip to Jerusalem", instead of fighting to survive by sitting on the nearest chair, you'll grab the nearest "talong/eggplant" being held preferably by a guy. :))
Talong game in 2010
Talong game in 2012, never gets old =))

Good times!! I miss my friends :(

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Taste of Seoul: Yoogane

Truth be told, I haven't gotten over my Seoul vacation and if only there's no friction between the 2 Korea, I would love to work and live there!

Since going back there would take a lot of work and money, I'll just relive the experience through Korean food trip! My sister discovered Yoogane via a blog post and it also prompted me to read reviews about it. Yoogane is actually a popular food chain from Seoul and is dubbed as "one of the best chicken galbi restaurant in Myeongdong".  Honestly, I didn't notice it unlike other local franchise like Etude, Face Shop or Cafe Benne which are all over Seoul.

Typically, a restaurant will serve you with water, spoon and fork or soup if you're lucky. One of the amazing things about Korean food trip is the numerous banchan or side dishes that you can chew on even before getting your real order. You will also notice that their chopsticks are made of metal, its heavier compared to Japanese and Chinese chopsticks.
Kimchi, Lettuce, Radish, Fish, Potato Balls, Yum!
We're lucky that Yoogane is a one stop Korean food trip stop because we got to satisfy my cravings. First on my list is Galbi, reminiscent of the one I had in Gangnam. We ordered the "Assorted Meat Fried Rice" and requested for Mozzarella cheese and Dokbokki (rice cake) add ons.

Mozarella + meat + rice cake +butter + chili paste
The waitress mixed and cooked the Galbi for us and here's the result: Don't ever doubt Mozzarella cheese on rice <3
Sooo good!

Of course, you can't pass up on Korean BBQ! We ordered Samgyeopsal which translates to grilled pork belly. I really love "sandwiching" the meat between crunchy lettuce wraps! I'm not sure if that word exists but its really yummy!
Lettuce is <3
The after taste of kimchi and the spicy nature of Korean food would really prompt you to make room for dessert! I'm not complaining, especially since my all time favorite Melona ice cream is available. Melona is pretty straightforward because it tastes like Melon duh.=))

Korean ice cream, yay!
Brunch is too early for Soju or rice wine so my sister and I opted for this refreshing rice drink instead.
Morning Rice drink
Aside from the K pop-ish interior, good food and wide selection of Korean dishes, I appreciate that they have an exhaust system similar to BBQ restaurants in Seoul. Aside from completing the look and feel, its essential in keeping the smoke away from our face or from the entire restaurant.
Must try: Yooogane @ Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato