Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love, Hate: SMDC Light Condo

This is my long overdue rant post about my SMDC Light Condo. It turned out to be my biggest disappointment for 2013 and caused me a lot of stress!!! When they were pre-selling it, they said that the turnover will be on July 2013. When I got my "Contract to Sell", it specified 3rd quarter of 2013 so I expected the worse and conditioned myself that it will be by the end of September (the last month on 3rd quarter). Fast forward September, we're invited to the condo blessing but I wasn't able to see my actual unit. I was asking my agent to give me an exact turnover date because technically speaking, I already fully paid my unit. November passed quickly and still no word from them. 

Finally, they told me that it will be ready by December 26. It seems like a joke or a trick date because most people are on holiday or out of town during this time. Fortunately, my province is just 2 hours away so I said yes, we can do the unit turnover on that day. I already packed my stuff and I was ready to move in on 27th because 26th was supposed to be my first time to view my actual unit, final inspection and unit turnover.

snippet from my Contract to Sell
My parents, sister and my agent met with another SMDC representative on the lobby and she guided us to the 50th floor. She said that she'll warn us now that the built in cabinet is not yet ready. When we arrived on my floor, I already felt sad because there still an on going construction on the hallways and other units. There is no way that it is ready for moving in.  The lady then explained that we cannot move in yet and they cannot give a specific date. I was mad but I was also sad for my condo agent who was sick that day and wasn't informed by their office that the unit is not ready for turnover. It turned out that the "turnover" became an "actual unit viewing".  We traveled all the way from Caloocan for nothing.

Logically, I expected to be settled in by this time but they said they had issues with "Project Director replacement", "contractors" and "my unit was on the 50th floor". So many excuses and what's sadder is that 6 months of delay wasn't enough for them to finally deliver what I paid for! :(

Excitement is now replaced by Disappointment

This is my first investment and I've been paying for it for the last 2 years and there's 5 more years for my bank loan. They say that buying a house/condo is a leap of faith but in my case it was also a test of patience! 


Gemilita said...

And to think that we were all excited pa naman to host events at your new condo! Boo SMDC. I read another blog wherein the author also bought a pre-sell unit (but not from SMDC). And she was really disappointed with the unit because it did NOT at all looked like what she was expecting. So she had to hire some people to replace her cabinets and other details to not look "cheap".

heregoesyamiyami said...

Hi Ms. Mei, im a buyer of light condo unit too. Is it true that it's 6 months before you moved in? because i also read somewhere na inabot rin sila ng six months before nakamoved in. Honestly, being stressed right now dahil magttwo months na after we paid in full and yet they cant give exact date of moving in.

Mei G. said...

Hi - yup unfortunately, delayed yung turnover.
2 years na ako naka-move in sa Tower 1, we actually have a closed FB group for the residents. You can try to join there to receive updates for unit owners. :)