Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bye 2013, Hello 2014!

It's the first day of the year! I finally had a good 8 hour sleep after consecutive sleepovers with friends I'm not complaining, I was half awake while preparing my Cordon Bleu for last night's Media Noche. After having a big breakfast, the first on my list on this lazy free day is to blog about my 2013! I've spent almost 2 hours browsing on my voucher sites and Japan travel agency sites before finally typing "".
2013 <3

I can say that last year was well documented because I was able to fully use all pages of my beaten planner although I only had 43 blog posts. This time last year, I listed my "goals for 2013". I'm happy that I've crossed out most of the items, unless it's something that I don't have total control like "fall in love and be loved" Hahaha unfortunately/fortunately this to do item will be carried over to 2014 and move in to condo!

* Travel abroad at least once 
I sound like a broken record but yeah, I love Seoul. I've blogged everything from Visa Application, itinerary,

* Save PHP__ by the end of the year 
I'm at the point in my life where saving is now a big priority, it's about time no! I'm also happy to say that I'm credit card debt free!!! =)

* Go to the beach at least once

* Be a  DIY Goddess LOL 
From making Ref MagnetsPhotobooks, Christmas Gifts to throwing Bridal Shower parties!

* Experience something new
Watch Manila Symphony Orchestra and Cinderella Musical

I fell short on these
1) Cook on weekends - I was only able to learn how to prepare Bacon PizzaSpicy Tuna Carbonara *SMH
2) Read at least 1 book per month -  Talking Straight by Jane Green , I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella and Bookends by Jane Green! I have a  must read book tower but I always end up watching Korean and Japanese series instead.
3) Exercise at least twice a week - ...but I think commuting can be considered as a daily exercise =)

I will look back on 2013 and remember it as the year where I spent a lot of time buying something for my house. I'm often getting a delivery from online shops and formed a new pastime of checking out items on the home section online catalog was not enough. I think, I have good chances on "Price is Right: Home Edition". =))

It was a great year as a basketball fan with the success of GilasGinebra and UST Tigers! I even applied as a volunteer for FIBA World 2014 in Spain, there's no harm in trying!! Its a great time to be a Ginebra fan to compensate for another bridesmaid finish of the Tigers! 2013 is also a year of Application and Acceptance. I've renewed my passport, SSS, NBI Clearance & Phil Health, I moved to a new company and started a home loan. 

I was a bridesmaid for my friend Nina and cousin ate Apple. I now have a Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-White bridesmaid dress collection! =)) I was also part of Dino's my long-time-no-see friend wedding. I welcomed three new inaanak, Summer, Ynna and Alex! I'm also happy that I've managed to get together with all of my set of friends and even balikbayan family from Dela Cruz side throughout the year and this holiday season =) 2013 has been very good and left me optimistic for the new year! Kampay!!!