Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last Friday Night

It's Friday, payday and Valentines day! It was the perfect formula for Dan Brown's gates of hell description but I needed to rush from Mandaluyong to Tomas Morato, QC for a dear friend's birthday party. I allotted two hours for this things-I-do-for-friendship-saga and true enough, the MRT ride from Boni to GMA Kamuning Station took at least an hour. It left me with another hour to go to our meeting place. I was relying on my GrabATaxi app for my ride but since it was a "holiday", I understood when I was declined thrice. With the scarcity of cabs and the heavy traffic, I decided to walk. 

Don't get me wrong, this part is not an emo Valentines post hahaha! Actually, I was happy to walk along Timog avenue with my flowery maxi dress. Maybe because it's Friday, payday, or it's really a hip and happening place, that's why the streets were crowded enough to make me feel confident and kinda safe. This experience reassured me that I will survive and enjoy my solo Tokyo birthday trip this May.  I just need to 1) plan in advance & always walk on the main road, 2) subscribe to unlimited roaming data for Google Maps access, 3) bring my power bank and 4) buy a pepper spray that hopefully I wont have a reason to use
Instant workout before Jack Coke & pulutan overload
And speaking on Valentine's day slash Single Awareness season, I had a funny conversation with a guy friend. He opened up our conversation by asking me about work and trivial stuff. Then he asked if I'm finally dating anyone I've been single since we've met 3 years ago. I said, no and his reaction was priceless. He suddenly, with an annoyed face, shouted "Mingle! Get out of your house! What are you waiting for?" I felt that he wanted to strangle my neck or something LOL. We have that level of friendship. He began thinking out loud and enumerated his list of single guy friends who he can pair with me. I kind of see where he's coming from, he has been in a long term relationship before marrying his wife so I know that he cant imagine how can anyone be single.

Usually, when this topic arises with single or in a relationship girl friends, they would in my case sincerely assure me that someone is definitely there for me. Maybe, he just got lost or something, but he'll find his way. It was a novelty reaction for a guy friend to be nagging me about it. I've been single for too long and have found myself humming to John Mayer's "Perfectly Lonely" but seriously this Beyonce meme is spot on.