Monday, April 20, 2015

Ace Jung Yong Hwa in Running Man

Last weekend, YongHwa came again as guest on SBS's Running Man.

Running Man is my favorite reality show, it is a South Korean variety broadcasted every Sunday on SBS but international fans like me have to wait until Tuesday for English sub titles. Thank you subbers! :) On each episode, the 7 permanent members (Yoo Jae Suk, Big Nosed Hyung, Haha, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Gary and Kim Jong Kook) and guests compete to complete different missions. It can be a quiz or mental game, puzzle, obstacle course, mystery, indoor or outdoor physical game or even one that requires "special super powers". I particulary like the name-tag ripping game, each player must protect their name tag on the back of their jacket/shirt.

I really like this show because aside from the fun games every week, you don't need to watch each episode to keep up. They're currently on their 243rd episode. I enjoy the interaction of the permanent members and guests. It's YongHwa's 12th appearance on the show and he's now considered as the 8th member. Truth be told, I've watched each of his episodes at least thrice =)) I've compiled his "ace" or winning moments that made me smile like a proud noona.

Episode 7: On his first mission on Running Man, YongHwa found 3/5 Haechis to help his team win.

Tricking Gary
Episode 11: He found a unique way to complete their group mission of putting an ink mark on Gary's face.

Yong saves the day
He also became the episode's hero by solving the code to open the post office box that contains the Running ball.
YongHwa vs Running Man
Episode 17: In his 3rd guesting, he suggested a 1 vs 9 game to the producer/PD. The rest of RM cast met 1hour before the shoot to study the cheat sheet for their spelling contest. Meanwhile, YongHwa stayed on his car to study the cheat sheet but his mission is to get 3 correct answers from RM casts. During the game, he was failing so bad in Hangul spelling and the casts thought its because he studied in US. He was so convincing that he even asked the PD to cut this part because it will ruin his idol image.  In the end, he managed to get 3 correct answers from Haha, Ji Hyo and Jae Suk to get the Running Ball. He also admitted that he only had 1 month vacation in Seattle =))

Episode 35-36: Running Man had a Spring Camp. BigBang's Daesung and YongHwa are the 2 mystery guests. They need to collect firewood with Running Man member's name to eliminate them. Witty YongHwa disguised as VJ to blend in the crowd but JoongKi noticed that he kept filming weird things, the ground or tents instead of the actual scenes =)) . When he got caught by JaeSuk's team, he screamed to get the attention of the opposing team. Both teams began fighting for him and during this chaos, he managed to escape again.

Busan namja
Bonus: He's often teased for his Busan dialect. He pronounced Hollywood as Ha-li-woo-dah. =))
Strongest Ace team
Episode 72-73: Running Man filmed in HongKong with YongHwa and actress Lee Bo Young as guests. They were asked to choose their teammates and YongHwa chose the 2 members that always do well, ace Ji Hyo and commander JongKook.

Alliance with Gwang Soo

The Legend of the Dragon mission for episode 72 was given by Jackie Chan, everyone earned a medal from the missions but they need to find the real gold medal. It was announced that the next day will be an individual race. Before going to sleep, YongHwa got thirsty so he went out of his room. He found Gwang Soo outside, he was switching the "king" sign. They decided to form an alliance for the next day's race.

It's a tie

Episode 73: The epic name tag ripping game between the commander Jong Kook and YongHwa. JongKook has a reputation of being a fierce competitor and YongHwa is the first idol who attempted to go 1on1 with him. YongHwa and GwangSoo teamed up to beat JongKook but in the end YH & JK ripped their nametags at the same time, while GS stayed on to play the game.

YongHwa's revenge to GwangSoo
Episode 104 : 2012 Running Man vs Idol Olympics. So far, this is the best idol roster - YongHwa with EunHyuk, Nickhun, EunJung, Doojoon, Siwon and his BFF Lee Joon. During the marathon relay, GwangSoo asked YongHwa, his previous corridor ally, not to embarrass his hyung.
Ji Woo Noona
Episode 127: My favorite episode!! It's the New Year special with Hallyu queen Choi Ji Woo and Busan F4 - YongHwa, JongHyun, Simon D & Kikwang. Busan F4 was grouped with manager Gary and Song Leader. On the 1st game, they needed to carry the other team's queen on their back and do the relay. YongHwa showed his Ji Woo fanboy side, it's so funny when he's recreating the Winter Sonata scene.
One of my favorite moments is when they sung the Yagurt song and when afro-manager Gary asked if they can meet up once a week! :))

"This honor is for my parents"
With 5 minutes remaining in the game, both team figured out that Song Ji Hyo got the snake card. To protect their queen, YongHwa agreed on a 1on1 battle with JongKook. Finally, he was able to rip the commander's name tag!
Yes, you're born for Running Man
After completing the Yagurt shooting game, YongHwa asked them to "Caption me" and Gary hyung did but it got lost on Busan dialect!
CNBLUE connection
Episode 129: YongHwa missed the goal but JongHyun made a rebound(?) for the 2nd idol Olympics.
Highest scorer so far
Because their team is trailing, idol ace showed them how its done!

YongHwa got eliminated early but he had his funny moments with the cast on the waiting room.

Episode 186: My 2nd favorite episode where CNBLUE appeared and competed as a team to be the "Face of Seoul".
I love that they kept stealing and was dubbed as CNBLUE hyenas. Their game plan was basically staying together and attack the unfortunate opponent on sight.

Episode 242: After a long drought, YongHwa returned on the Hallyu(global stars) episode. YongHwa was able to escape JongKook by protecting his name tag in their exciting mud race.

YongHwa & Running Man is OTP :)