Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm Turning 30!!!!

Age is just a number *inhale, exhale

Two days ago, I filed my birthday leave. Unlike last year when I did a solo backpacker trip, I don't have a concrete plan yet, aside from a birthday lunch with my family .

I've heard about this acronym during a company training, it was on a presentation dynamics class and one classmate talked about FOMO. "The fear of missing out", oh so that's how to describe that panic of not achieving the goals that I've set, not accomplishing enough, or in my case, being single for the past 5 years. I think its human nature to compare our life with others, especially in the age of social media when you're constantly notified about everyone's whereabouts. That most your friends are getting married, having babies or travelling to wonderful places. There is that feeling that time is running out. My wish is to have perfect peace with God. I want to live a simple, hopefully debt free life. I don't have any material wish this year, maybe that air purifier for my condo lol, but I sincerely pray for good health for me and my love ones. It's that age when I appreciate the importance of wellness because it's a big factor in successfully completing my financial, personal, professional and even spiritual goals.

Living alone for more than a year has been an empowering and humbling experience. The unlimited peace, the joy of cooking for myself without any pressure, being free and naked and staying locked in my unit for days is priceless. But at the same time, there's sadness in knowing that no one can help me close that darn back zipper or open that tightly closed bottle and in times of sickness, I'm all alone unless my mother magically appears.

On my journey to becoming "older but wiser", I want to live by these 2 philosophies "time=love" and  "being growth oriented". Time is probably one of the least appreciated and easy to waste "gifts". I've learned to value time because I know that it is precious and I can never have it back. I want to spend time to those that really matter. And lastly, I want to change from being goal to growth oriented. I will still continue making and working my way to accomplish my to do list but I'll focus on activities that will foster growth in each aspect of my life.

I'll keep on loving, learning and living!