Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ganbaremasu, I'll work hard!

On two separate occasions, I had a chance to catch up with my 2 former officemates slash friends. The 1st one moved to another company, his role was to lead this startup and I witnessed his enthusiasm during the start of the project. We both got busy with our lives. I was sad to know that it didn’t work out as planned and worse, he’s now in bad terms with his boss. My other former officemate is starting over, she’s shifting to a new career at the age of 27! I mean, yes, career shift regardless of what age is a real act of bravery. I’m so proud that she knows what she wants and she’s working hard to get there, even if it’s risky to start all over again.

I really believe that it’s important to have a career instead of a job. It’s great if it pays the bill but you’ll spend more than half of the day working, so might as well focus on something that you’re passionate about. I’m fortunate that I love what I do. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science but I don’t really like programming. I thought of other opportunityies in IT, I jump started my career as a web designer and now I think I’m thriving as a Digital Marketer. I’m happy that along the way, I’ve built relationships with ex and present colleagues where  we can call-a-friend in times that we need a second opinion. Of course, we cannot disclose the full details but it’s good to have another ear who can provide another perspective. I’m happy that I continuously find value on the work that I do and that motivates me to go to work everyday, bursting with energy (well 40% comes from the thought that I have a home loan). 

Tomorrow will be the official start of another career milestone! I moved to my current company, thinking that I want to be an individual contributor. I’m happy to have 2 solid years of that but a familiar circumstance came up – my lead resigned and I was asked if I was up for the challenge. At first, I wanted to continue being the best individual contributor (hehe) but I also asked myself to be totally honest on how will I feel if they don’t choose me. So, I got the answer! I would like to use my Keep It Simple (Stupid) policy so that I won’t be overwhelmed with all the transition and additional responsibilities coming my way. While I was conditioning myself, a funny borderline annoying thing happened yesterday, a friend reached out to me and asked me if I want to work in Singapore? The job description looks good, its something that I can handle but the catch is that it’s only a 1 year contract AND I’ve already given my word to my manager. So there, I think I won’t be able to fulfill my dream of working abroad, on a chic city, for the meantime. I’m happy with my current company but yeah, I know my dad would love to brag about her daughter who works abroad  and sends balikbayan boxes hahaha! But anyway, when people congratulated me, instead of saying "thank you", I had the urge to reply "Ganbaremasu", a Japanese expression that means "I'll work hard!" The Japanese are so polite, no? It's worth adapting!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stay sober

It's been what? 3 years, but this girl still sometimes cry herself to sleep.

It comes in 3s. Three consecutive heartbreaks. First, with a guy who made her fall but disappeared when he suddenly realized that he's not ready to commit..or she's not good enough. Second, she's been with a guy who thought her about love and lust but couldnt take the heat when it matters most. But the deepest cut came from a man, whom she adored, until she discovered his habit. Small and big lies piled up and exploded right in her face leaving her with a jaded heart when the dust settled down. From time to time, she sees his face and everything becomes fresh again. She's hopeful that someday she will be healed because having this heavy heart is not hurting anyone but herself.