Friday, August 28, 2015

Return of Superman's Song Triplets - Happy Pills

Some time last year, I came across this GIF on Twitter (I love GIFS!!). It turned out that the 3 kids are not just random cute kids but they're fraternal triplets of South Korean actor, Song Il Gook. Before becoming tagged as the father of Daehan, Minguk and Manse, Il Gook is best known for his title role in historical drama "Jumong." This led me to watching the KBS variety/reality show, "The Return of Superman", where he and his 3 sons are currently part of. In a nutshell, the variety show focuses on celebrity fathers - from actors, MCs, singers and athletes - who are tasked to take care of their kids for 48 hours without the help of anyone and at the same time giving the much deserve time off for their wives.

The triplets are named Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se, which also means "Long Live the Republic of Korea" when said together. 
The triplets are 2 ½ year olds when they first appeared on the show. They were introduced on episode 34 and 52 episodes after, I'm still hooked! Thank goodness, I have KBS World on my cable channels. They air the English subbed episodes every Sunday.

Every week, Song appa (daddy) and his triplets experience different activities together and they usually end up eating somewhere and leaves me craving for that food of the week. This sequence of GIFs perfectly explain how entertaining it is to watch them even if they just stay in their condo. Actor Song appa tries to simulate a situation "when he suddenly faints" to teach the triplets how they should respond. 

As expected, the eldest and responsible son Daehan, is too serious in helping out his father.
While Daehan continues to shout "Please help!", the adorable middle child Minguk tries to save daddy by forcibly opening his eyes.

And then comes the youngest, Manse, who never fails to crack me up. His name translates to "Hooray!" and I think as early as now, he has the personality to live up with that funny name!
Even though they are just sharing a part of their lives, I really admire how Il Gook and his wife are raising their children. I've taken notes of some parenting styles that they've shown . When the kids are fighting, they give them a time out on the "thinking chair". After 5-10 minutes of letting them reflect, they let them realize what they've done wrong and kiss them to assure that they still love them. I also like how they consistently don't scold their kid who've made a mistake in public. Also, as early as 3 years old, they were able to practice Korean traditions like letting the elders eat first before starting to eat, bowing and the universal value of sharing what you have. They even have an episode where appa taught them the importance of sharing food, these gluttonous kids struggled but it was instilled that if you share, you can have more.
I love their brotherhood. It makes me wonder if they are polite and sweet because of how they are raised or if kids are supposed to be like this at this age. I know that someday they will leave the show, I will be sad because I wont have my happy pills but I understand that it will be for the triplets. #familyGoals 

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