Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015 Basketball Season Begins

September 6, 2015

Jones Cup 2015

This afternoon, Gilas Pilipinas defeated Chinese Taipei (96-67) and clinched the silver medal behind powerhouse Iran with 7wins, 1 loss record.

Honestly, I was only able to catch the 1st game versus Japan because it was a holiday but I was able to read the game highlights. I'm impressed with Terrence Romeo and how he's been delivering in the international stage. AND not to mention that I got kilig with RomYu =)))


UST Tigers started the season with 2 straight wins. It's the last playing year of Abdul, Ferrer and Daquioag and they're all starting it in a great way. I really admire Kareem Abdul because being a student-athlete is hard and being a UST Engineering student is harder. Believe me, I'm from Engineering but with a degree in Computer Science, my diploma was hard earned even if I was a full time student! Kevin Ferrer is a good offensive and defensive player and I believe that as the king tiger, he can really lead the team to a Final4 slot or even higher! Lastly, Ed Daquioag, what a mouthful surname - in the tradition of Caguioa, Pacquiao =)), is surprisingly playing very well and he's carrying the team - so far.

September 20, 2015

FIBA Asia is 2 days away, I'm so psyched!!

UST Tigers' record is currently 3 wins(Adamson, FEU, UP) and 1 loss(NU), they lost by 1 point so I still believe that they're a contender this season!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

He got my back!

It;s funny how 1 SMS can change my plans,  perspective and what I value in my life. But at the same time, I have this good feeling because I feel that I am where I need to be and that His plan is unfolding in front of my eyes. After the tears, anxiety and confusion settles in, what's left is a stronger version of myself because I know that He got my back! 

Friday, September 04, 2015

A Tale of 2 CNBLUE Comebacks: #2gether & Colors

Comeback (verb) - a term used in KPop to signal the release of a new album/song even though the artist haven't been in a career hiatus. In the case of CNBLUE, their last Korean album, Can't Stop was released in January 2014 so it's been 1 yr & 7 months before their comeback!
leaving BangBang is a great decision
During that "hiatus" CNBLUE were busy with Can't Stop Asian tour and Wave & White Japan tour. In January 2015, lead vocalist, guitarist and producer YongHwa released his solo album and completed 18 stops for Asia tour while the rest of the band pursued individual activities.  Lead guitarist & vocalist, JongHyun acted in Orange Marmalade Drama and joined 2 variety shows (Fluttering India & We Got Married). Come to think of it, drummer MinHyuk and bassist JungShin also had several variety show gigs. MinHyuk joined KBS Brave Family (2 seasons), JTBC Mom is Watching and MBC I Live Alone. JungShin is currently an MC on MCountdown and guested in JTBC Off to School. The thirst is real for OT4, thank goodness they got signed to The Class and Stay Real where we're able to get amazing styling and photos of them together.

I think I'll be a full time fangirl this month because CNBLUE is releasing a full Korean and Japanese album in September!! The Japanese one was announce in July but the Korean album was like a whirlwind romance, it was announced 2 weeks+ before the release date. Ok FNC, you'll take my money either way. I really anticipate the full albums because they amazingly have different vibe and sound for both - they don't just translate their Korean songs to Japanese and vise versa.

The lower right photo is the best *.*
07302015 - Colors - Album covers were released - this minimalist design is ---- are you mad at CNBLUE designer-nim?
2 full and 5 mini Korean albums
08272015 - #2gether - Out of nowhere, FNC announced that CNBLUE's 2nd album #2gether will be released in September 14! More than 2 weeks from now!! They've been active for 6 years but it's only their 2nd full album, they've been releasing "mini-albums". 5 in total.
#2gether version A - bad boys of rock concept?

Boice trolling Yonghwa
090315 - #2gether - Album A teasersAfter releasing the group shot, the individual teasers were released. I don't know how to feel about naked YongHwa though, I know that he's working hard (he even shared workout videos on V app) but I'm shy. =))) And so are other Boices (I think), as they trolled him and edited the photo by adding clothes. Yong is a good sport and even reuploaded the one with green jacket in his instagram!

So suave but my money is on Album A =))
09032015 - #2gether - Album B teasers - So the concept is 4 namjas lost in the forest? 
09032015 - Colors - The release of Colors album highlight
09042015 - #2gether - They released the opening MV for Cinderella, the title song! Curious..dangerous..Cinderella!
Busy season starts
09042015 - Live in V App after performing at Grand KPop Festival - they were teasing each other about their individual photos. JongHyun's hangover shot, Yong's naked top, MinHyuk's back and forgot about JungShin's. I'm pretty sure he was scoffed at some point. 

09052015 - Colors - Supernova MV broadcast on Japan TBS King's Brunch
Come Together tour was announced
09062015 - Come Together tour announcement - Yas! New album, new tour! Take my money, FNC!
Basically, Sept 7-13 is V app week!
09072015 - #2gether - JungShin teaser
8 new songs, 4 Japanese releases translated to Korean

09082015 - #2gether - Track list
09082015 - #2gether - MinHyuk teaser
CNBLUE  x Stay Real x The Simpsons
09092015 - #fanboygoals - when you get to collaborate your favorite cartoon character
09092015 - #2gether - JongHyun teaser - On V App Fan: Oppa congratulations! JH: Why are you congratulating, you havent even heard of it yet. =))))
09102015 - #2gether - YongHwa teaser - YongHwa: so many were interested in my nakedness -.-
1 Cinderella for 4 boys #awkward
And of course, Boice unleashed their creativity!
credit on photos
by covering the scantily clad Cinderella & by replacing her with Yong's favorite character.
09112015 - #2gether - highlight medly
09112015 - #2gether - Cinderella MV teaser - So bitin, is it Sept 14, yet?
09122015 - #2gether/colors - the boys are in Japan they have scheduled 3 V app broadcast
Broadcast of CNBLUE in China's Happy Camp show
09132015 - Korea Music Festival in Tokyo - They had a V app broadcast for their album and MV release countdown.
09142015 - #2gether - Cinderella MV 
09142015 - #2gether album release
09142015 - #2gether showcase
09152015 - #2gether CNBLUE 1theK Askinthebox is hilarious!!
09162014 - #2gether - CultTwo radio show - 

09172014 - #2gether -MNET M countdown - #2gether - my favorite live so far!! They instantly turned the show into a concert, Radio Korean or Japanese version is gold!!
09182014 - #2gether - KBS Music Bank, Cinderella + Hold My HandYoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook - MR Removed for Cinderella is flawless!!
09192014 - #2gether - MBC Music Core , Cinderella + Roller Coaster - the boys gave free coffee support for boices who attended the early pre-recording!
09202014 - #2gether - SBS Inkigayo - Cinderella + Domino- I've read that JYH prepared kimbop for boices!  - DJ Jungshin for KBS Kool Radio
09212015 - Colors - CNBLUE on NHK MUSIC Japan

09222015 - #2gether - #3 on Billboard World Chart - Real recognize real!
09222015 - #2gether - Kiss the Radio Cool FM
09222015 - Release of Cinderella, Chinese version as OST for "The Bad Man Must Die" movie.
09222015 - #2gether #Cinderella1stWin at SBS The Show and Pikicast
09232015 - #2gether  #Cinderella2ndWin at MBC Show Champion
 09252015 - #2gether #Cinderellla3rdWin at KBS Music Bank
09292015 - #2gether #Cinderellla4thWin at SBS The Show
09302015 - Colors - album release#1 in Oricon and Tower Records!
09302015 - #2gether - CNBLUE on Weekly Idol 
10022015 - #2gether - #Cinderella5thwin at Music Bank!I got a feeling that they'll win and they won twice in a row. Too bad they also weren't able to perform live twice because of Korean Thanksgiving and Come Together concert in Shanghai!
10022015 - #2gether - Come Togeher in Shanghai