Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Activate Prayer of Serenity

Recently, I attended a "stress management" talk which is part of our people engagement team's "wellness campaign'. One of my key takeaways, aside from I shouldn't drink more than 15oz of wine per day, is using the prayer of serenity to assess myself and eventually counter stress.


It is crucial to identify what is causing the stress and after that check what can I do to avoid it.If it cant be changed, evaluate what can be done. One of the examples mentioned during the talk is that "traffic" is most common cause of stress for employees. So, can you change the Manila traffic? NO! Then, what can be done? Is it a) Move to a place near the office, b) allot a longer commute time or c) find a job closer to your house. The action will ultimately depend on your priorities.

In my case, I've been feeling stuck for a while now because I've identified what's making me unhappy and I've worked out 4 different action plans to get out of it. Unfortunately, I've faced 4 rejections as my plan A,B,C & D  all came tumbling down. After the 3rd "NO", I was feeling hopeful because I thought "it only comes in 3's" so I'm claiming the 4th as the one for me. But still, it was a big "NO". At some point, I thought that I cannot deal with the 4th consecutive rejection. The thing is, life goes on and I have no choice but to stand up again and keep moving.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am being ungrateful  but I want to be the kind of person who works hard to get what I think I deserve. Now, if only, I can get better at being at peace when things don't go how I want it to be.

Not long ago, I felt that I was on a crossroad with a guy friend. I knew that a step can lead us to be more than friends but the thing is he's the one that I exactly don't want. I know its unfair because I'm already second guessing even before anything starts to unfold. I don't want him!!! (repeat 100x). Then why am I writing about it if it doesn't matter!

OK, back to the more important crisis, it's hard to be indecisive. It is in itself a decision and can be costly along the way. I need to visit St Jude or take a vacation.

Legazpi and Misibis Bay Experience

If I remember correctly, I first saw Mt Mayon from afar during a trip to my friend's province, Guinayangan, Quezon.
At 3Am in the morning, we alighted to transfer to another bus, a regular no aircon bus, that took us to mountain road with sharp turns, but that's another story.

Legazpi Ariport

If not for a friend's wedding, I wouldn’t be able to visit Bicol region and see the charming Mt Mayon which is featured in every Philippine History textbook. On the plane, I was kind of glum that I wasn’t sitting in the window seat and I had to put in effort to take a peak of the mountain. Good thing that I didn’t try to take a photo because when we disembarked from the plane, Mt Mayon and it's picture perfect view greeted us. Kuya guard was signaling for us to go straight to the airport and stop taking photos, I even thought that he should encourage us to be "tourists" but it turned out that kuya have a valid reason.

My friend and her family booked a van to fetch us from the airport and kuya driver also became our tour guide. Our first stop was Sumlang lake, it was a 40minute drive from the airport.

>People can enjoy different activities here but after taking photos, I just decided to try their sili iced candy.

It was too hot, so we just asked kuya driver to bring us to the best spots. We went to Casagwa Ruins, according to kuya photographer, the entire place used to be a municipality but it was wiped out during an eruption. Although the place is a popular tourist spot, it also became a reminder that it’s dangerous to live in close proximity with the Mayon volcano.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the elevated place that sells a lot of souvenirs and has zipline & ATV rides but I really feel that the popular spots all strategically features the majestic Mt Mayon as a backdrop.

The laid back wedding reception was done on the beach front area. How cool is it to wear slip ons and have sand on my feet during the entire time! I'm purposely removing the memories from the singles game because not everything is about me =)))
Sunrise <3
Even with few hours of sleep and hangover, I was able to push myself to wake up early to enjoy the beach and watch the sunrise. It was my only chance to walk around the resort because I had to catch an early flight back to Manila
Misibis amphitheater
On our way back to Legazpi City, we passed by the breathtaking view of Misibis amphitheater. Misibis Bay Resort will always be a memorable place, not just because it took a plane ride and an hour or more of dizzy inducing land travel to get there, but mostly because it was a place where we celebrated the love of Sarj & Andre. I'm blessed to be a part of an intimate and lovely wedding ceremony.