Sunday, April 24, 2016

Solo Backpacker in Coron, Palawan

This trip to Coron was supposed to be with my 3 friends but ended up as a solo backpacking trip. Due to different reasons they ended up backing out but I already filled my vacation leave and my mind is already set on unwinding to this island.
Truth be told, I was anxious when I arrived at the airport after 1 hour flight from Manila. I first did a solo backpacking in Tokyo but I was more nervous in my own country. I emailed my entire itinerary to my sister beforehand and hoped for the best.  Coron proper is 30minutes away from the airport so I booked an airport transfer beforehand. I was the only passenger that kuya driver fetched, he also gave me his card while offering himself as a tour guide. Never disclose that you're traveling alone, it's okay to be polite but don't be naive. 

I arrived at Patrik and Tezz Guesthouse, just in time for check in hours.  I booked one of their new fan rooms, it's clean with a big bed that occupies the entire room and with good wifi signal.
I was already due for a late lunch so I hailed the tricycle to go to city proper. I tried the seafood ramyun at Dali Dali Korean restaurant. I was surprised that it has plenty of crabs, shrimps and squid servings.
My second agenda was to go to Maquinit Hot Spring. I rented a tricycle for PHP150 to drive me to the place and wait for me for 2 hours. It was a 15minutes drive to a rough road leading to the hot spring area. 
There were 4 main pools, the hot spring was coming from a nearby inverted volcano. There were few people, mostly foreigners, enjoying the pool when I got there. I also met a family who we're happy to see a local, although at first they thought I was Chinese.
The peaceful view from the pool

I was cautious not to stay out late so after buying my dinner, I went back to the guesthouse. Fortunately, my room is across the pool, I cooled down there. I met some of the backpackers and the owner, Patrik, even gave me a beer. They we're surprised that I was only on vacation for 3 days but I was more surprised that they have been traveling all over the Philippines for months now. My longest vacation is just a week and I'll be itching to go back to work by then.
I had a power breakfast before going on a whole day boat tour.

One of my worries is that what if nature calls me, well, the boat is well equip.

I paid PHP700 pesos for a free lunch and day tour to Siete Pecados, Kayangan lake, Twin Lagoon and Beach 91. 

I met tita Annie, a Brapanese, who then planned to roam around the country for 90 days! She's been to places in Mindanao that I've never been before. I'm not sure if I should be ashamed that I only set foot to Davao.
My frustration in eating lobster started on our Baler trip, early this year. It was too expensive to buy 1 piece for PHP800 back then. I was so happy that in Lobster King, I bought all of these for less than PHP1,000.  I experience Lobster overload.
One of the must do in Coron is to climb Mt Tapyas to see this view.  I was huffing and puffing when I reached the top but it was worth it!

This solo backpacker trip became memorable because of the wonderful nature Coron has to offer, the cheap but yummy food and the wonderful fellow backpackers I've met along the way.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blueming 6th Mini Album: CNBLUE Begins to Bloom

This post is created to dump all my feels for CNBLUE's 6th mini (Korean) album, Blueming

On March 21, FNC announced that they will release their 6th mini album on April 4.

   You're so Fine - Official Video -  I like the part where they're on a circle and jamming together!

Comeback week

M Countdown

That Busan brothers blending for Young Forever is love

Music Bank

Music Core


SBS Inkigayo is the best comeback stage!

On the 2nd promotion week, they sweeped 4/5 awards!
The Show - band version

Hit that! Hey, hoe!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 #μ΄λ ‡κ²Œμ˜ˆλ»€λ‚˜1stwin

Pre recorded award acceptance for Show Champion

3rd straight win

I knew they would win in Music Bank but that body wave celebration was unexpected! I love how KBS released the full version of CNDorks! #μ΄λ ‡κ²Œμ˜ˆλ»€λ‚˜4thwin
Priceless promotions for Blueming comeback
Oh my kokoro, YongHwa and JongHyun samchon/uncles for Return of Superman. I miss watching this show!
YongHwa as BoRam's producer for "Sugarman". I love how he rearranged "The Name", it's my LSS for a week now!

I always look forward to their guesting on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook as they always get to sing live and talk about just music. This time, they joined Rose Motel, the self proclaimed, 4th generation idol band hahaha

Radio sang live and MR removed is so precious!

Yesterday was the last day of CNBLUE's Blueming promotion. I can say that it's the most fun and chill comeback so far, considering that I only joined this fandom in post-"I'm Sorry" era. I felt that the boys really enjoyed their stages and remembered their goal of gearing towards becoming a haraboji band who creates their own music. Honestly, since the announcement of their comeback came out of nowhere, I just thought that I'll just enjoy this as a fan and don't try to worry about rankings and music show trophies. From that perspective, all of their wins just became a happy surprise and a cherry on top because not everyone can say that they've released and they are promoting their own self composed songs!
5th win on The Show!

Look at my surprised CNDorks! I knew they would win via a small margin haha #μ΄λ ‡κ²Œμ˜ˆλ»€λ‚˜6thwin