Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th Muni muni

Birth month means taking my annual physical exam, renewing my Google certifications and turning a year older. I'm 31!!!! Honestly, I barely remember my age, unless someone reminds me about it or I need to fill up something and asks for that detail. I'm not ignoring it, truth be told, I've been embracing my tita stage =)).

I was thinking of writing a letter to my younger self as a pre birthday post but I'm in a weird state right now and I just want to freely blog about the struggles and joys in my 30s.

*Money matters!
Five years ago, I had a leap of faith moment when I bought a condo and got a home loan. This made me strict about my finances because I know that every 17th of the month, I need to pay this fixed amount to the bank. It's not easy, I have a constant inner battle between saving for the future and living in the moment! I learned that it's important to save as much as possible because this is the age where it's embarrassing to have debt or to be unprepared for unexpected expenses. In terms of needs vs wants, I learned to invest on experiences rather than things - or that's what I tell myself so that I can keep on travelling.

*Health is wealth
I sincerely miss my fast metabolism, the days when I can eat a lot and remain slim are just memories. I have to exercise and watch what I'm eating, not just to stay slim but to be healthy. It's hard and expensive to be sick and I've read that the way you treat your body has a cumulative effect. What you eat and how much you exercise can contribute to your future state of well being.

* Quality over quantity in relationships
Part of growing up is learning to say no, without the guilt, to people or even activities that doesnt give a positive impact . I can't tolerate miserable or negative people because they can certainly drain you. I like people who are passionate about their career, hobbies or family because they inspire me. I like meaningful relationships and I now make sure to make time for my family and friends who matters. It has to be mutual, I stopped caring to those who won't make an effort. Meanwhile, the same cannot be said in my romantic relationship - it's in progress as of the moment and deserves a separate post. =)))

Recently, I took the Gallup strengths finder test and my #1 strength is "achiever".  I agree that this drives me to get things done (on the areas that I can control) and I have to live with whisper of discontent. At some point, I decided that I should be growth oriented instead of goal oriented. Although I start my work day by listing my daily goals, it would be healthier if my mindset is working towards growth rather than accomplishing goals. I should also focus on being brilliant on few things rather than being a Jack of all trades.

When I was younger, I dreamt that by the age of 30 I'll be like this and that because that's what society tells us. But I've accepted that its OKAY that I havent figured out everything or that I havent turned out as how I imagined my 30 year old self. There will be times that I'll be sad or hurt about things not going my way but that's part of the whole process. What's important is that I'll choose to be happy and kind to myself every chance that I'll get because the best is yet to come!