Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank You, 2016

2016 was definitely one of my banner years
Best of 2016
  • I was able to watch One OK Rock live and they are amazing! Taka's voice is so stable even if he jumps all around, Toru is ikemen and Ryota & Tomoya have great showmanship! 
  • My uncle Raffy came home and I needed to be a local tour guide again! I'm definitely not complaining as I was able to visit Baler and try surfing for the first time!
  • Never really thought about visiting Legazpi City but had the chance this year for Sarj's wedding. Mount Mayon is beautiful!
  • Booked a villa in enchanting Misibis Bay and witnessed the beautiful wedding of Sarj and Andre.
  • Went on a solo backpacking trip to Coron, not because I planned to do a soul searching but because my HS friends flaked out on me and I really wanted to go on vacation.
  • April 26th was the start of the awkward dating stage with Chino. He was my former lead and colleague and was never on my radar. On June 19th, we became official <3
  • There were times when I wanted to give up and I was thinking if it's worth it and then finally I got the promotion that I've been eyeing. Hard work, works!
  • I was sick during my 31st birthday but I had a sumptuous Vikings pre-birthday dinner with my team members, Spiral buffet dinner with my co-leads and post-birthday celebration with my family.
  • We had this leadership visit so we're able to do almost a month long engagement activities and team building!
  • I also joined the summer outing of my former company. 
Best of 206
  • I was able to introduce Chino to my family and friends and at the same time I met his. 
  • I tried "karakol' a procession done during the fiesta celebration in Tanza, his mom's hometown.
  • I learned that Dad's buffet is better than Vikings in terms of price and food selection.
  • But Lee Hak Buffet in Pioneer Center is our go to restaurant for unlimited dumplings and Korean BBQ.
  • I have this tankini which I used from Baler to Misibis Bay to Coron to Pansol!
  • Ginebra is champion again after eight years! I'm torn if Jayjay and Mark should retire already or if they should let Thompson and the new blood run the show.
  • 2016 is consistently the year of the surprise, I was able to go on a US trip for my cousin's wedding. I will always fondly remember that I was able to watch the Lakers vs Warriors, the roadtrips from Orange County to Los Angeles to San Diego to San Francisco to Las Vegas AND the generosity of my family and friends.
  • After 2 years, I was able to visit Seoul again and this time with my entire family. I also tried skiing and ice tubing for the first time.
old school scrapbooking
  • 2016 is also the year that I went back to traditional scrapbooking. I realized that it's more expensive compared to making photobooks but it's 5x more fun to cut, write and stick mementos together!
I'm claiming that 2017 will be another banner year, the best is yet to come!