Monday, March 27, 2017

Hong Kong: Walking and Food Tour 2017

This time last week, I was walking and probably eating something delicious in the streets of Hong Kong. Seven years ago, my family and I was able to book our first Piso fare and package tour from a travel agency. It was a 3days, 3nights tour and  was very memorable because it was our first out of the country trip. It's funny how we're hungry most of the time and ate a 15,000 steak lunch in DisneyLand. All we remember was waking up early and going back to the hotel near a pier by midnight. We weren't able to enjoy Hong Kong to say the least so it's just apt that we give this city another try.

It was a hectic work week leading to our vacation and I haven't had enough time to plan. I can go crazy on planning. I just managed to squeeze in  booking a hostel 3 weeks before our trip and researched some food blogs.

Our flight was on a Sunday morning and I spent my entire Saturday taking screenshots of directions to places. I actually needed this time off and was just planning to walk and eat around HK with Chino but I need to make an itinerary for my family.
Airport Express Travel Pass
Fast forward to when we arrived at the airport, I was supposed to buy the 'On loan' Octupus card for $150 ($50 refundable deposit fee + $100 consumable) but I saw that this Airport Express Travel Pass is a better option for tourists. It costs $200, $50 is refundable deposit fee, you'll get free 1 way Airport Express (which costs $100 already) and unlimited train and bus access for 3 days. It's perfect because we're exiting thru Macau.
Hang Ho Hostel Exit B1 of MTR Jordan Station
Amidst that bamboo facade is a cheap and comfy hostel located 1 minute walk away from Jordan Station. After checking in our luggages, we immediately went to One Dim Sum to eat lunch. It's a Michelin star dimsum place but easy on the pocket.
MTR Wan Chai Station, exit A3

Everyone went back to the hostel to sleep but Chino and I decided to look for the Tai Yuen street. Aside from a long list of must try food, Chino's only request for this vacation is to visit the famed toy street. After going through stores and comparing Lego prices to Manila, I ended up with a Kokeshi doll and half kilo of big strawberries while he was empty handed.
MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Exit J
We met up with my family to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. Although we're able to walk along the Avenue of Stars before, we weren't able to catch the Symphony of Lights. It was kind of underwhelming, we're expecting something similar to the show on Marina bay or fireworks from theme parks. Maybe that's why it's free.  We went to Mongkok in search of duck and we've been satiated. Chino and I shared chow mien while my family fell in love with egg waffles. Basically, Mongkok was our food heaven.
Ocean Park MTR Station
Day 2: The entire family went to Ocean Park, while Chino and I went to Ichiran and ate some more in Mongkok.
$50 store!!!
Also in Mongkok, I found this heaven on Earth a.k.a $50/PHP350 pesos store. Everything is for PHP350, what's a girl gotta do?
MTR Mei Foo Station
Chino and I decided to randomly get off "Mei" station and we're pleasantly surprised to see a park with Chinese garden. We're supposed to go to Lan Kwai Fong station as well, as tribute to his surname, but we got so hungry. We went to Edward Station again to try our luck in One Dimsum but expected, there's a line. We tried Homemade Dimsum instead.
His happy purchase from Ladies Market
We met with my family in  Mongkok station, we ended up having late dinner at "robot restaurant" and burned everything while walking and bargaining for discounts at the Ladies Market. Chino happily bought a digital drumset while I'm a happy owner of a new bag, robot sweeper, cheongsam and lot's of ref magnets =))
Bus to hostel
By the end of day 2, we're able to figure out the bus line that passes by our hostel from Mongkok!
Harbour Front

Day 3: It was our last day in Hong Kong and it was raining. We went to Harbour Front to try Crystal Jade's Xiao Long Bao and after that we decided to check out a museum near Avenue of Stars! 
Avenue of the Stars

Sadly, luck wasnt on our side. The museum was closed and we couldn't stay indoors, the umbrellas cost $70/almost 500pesos BUT the rain can't rain on our parade =))). We decided to embrace the cold and have a photoshoot lol. 
Temple street
After that, we decided that it's best to go to Macau since it's raining in Hong Kong. We had 2 hours free time to do last minute shopping before meeting at the hotel. Chino and I tried the recommended Xiao Long Bao near our hostel and walked along the area. We knew that Temple Street was very near our place but we haven't had time to visit it since we're always in Mongkok night markets. We checked out of the hostel and ate street food before catching our ferry to Macau.

It was a good decision to give Hong Kong a second chance! I now know why people love this city, I enjoyed walking around, hopping from one MTR station to another, shopping at street markets and eating glorious food while enjoying a nice chilly weather!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Forgive yourself

What happens when you realized that you did the thing that you hate the most? I personally feel strongly against people who blame others for their situation. It leaves a bad taste when people say they're the victim and someone else caused their misfortune. For as long as I now, I believed that I am the master of my destiny so I have the power to get myself out of whatever that pulls me down. 

Yesterday, I was such a terrible human being. I was selfish and out of line. I said hurtful words, I questioned someone else's truth for the sake of my peace of mind. When the dust settled in, I was left dumbfounded because I wasn't able to gain that peace that I was hoping for. I realized that I was doing what I hated the most, blaming others for my insecurities. It sucks to have that realization because everything that I was fighting for felt trivial. I'm ashamed of the person that I have become. 

Today, I just want to be in solitude and reflect on the choices that I've made. Luckily, all is not lost and I just need to heal. I can start that by forgiving myself but how do I begin?