Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tummy Tour: Saigon's Lunch Lady

So we followed Anthony Bourdain's recommendation from his No Reservations show and he did not fail us!
The Lunch Lady (Nguyen Thi Thanh) Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh, Quận 1
I didn't realize that Vietnam is also a foodie heaven and one of the highlights of our Vietnam trip is eating at the Lunch Lady's. After checking just now, I found out that it's 2.7km away from our hotel and I think we walked more than that because we went to the Book Street and War Remnants Museum before having our late lunch
We relied on Chino's sense of direction and Google Maps then happily found The Lunch Lady!
Saigon's Lunch lady
It was an adventure to look for it and it proved to be one of our best decisions!

Side orders
It was already past 1PM when we arrived but the place is still packed. We didn't wait long to have our table. They automatically served side orders like fried rolls and prawn crackers.
Spring roll
They also served springs rolls and we're overwhelmed because food kept on coming =)))
Banh Ca Cua
The Lunch Lady specializes in serving noodle soups and she rotates her menu everyday. When we went there on a Saturday, we tried this noodle soup with rich broth, shrimp, crab meat, beef, quail eggs, fishcake and more goodness. The noodles is also thick, similar to Japanese udon.
Buko juice
 The next day, we realized that we don't have to order all the side dishes so when the server was offering spring rolls, I raised my hands to make a big cross sign. The foreigners from the other table laughed and was almost amused that it was possible to say no. Looking at their tables, they only finished their noodle soups and haven't touched their side dishes. Chino and I thought that it's expensive to order everything and we also want to try eat as much food from other places.
Lunch lady's
The noodle soup for Sunday had a light but yummy broth, fish cakes, pork and smaller noodles. 

If you're planning to visit Vietnam, make sure to go to the Lunch Lady's. The whole experience from not knowing what type of noodles soup will they serve that day to finally tasting it and enjoying it under a tent with other travelers is a great memory!

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