Wednesday, February 28, 2018

One OK Rock Ambitions in Manila is More than Okay!

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Two years ago, One OK Rock went to Manila for the first time for their “35XXXV" concert. My sister and I bought the sitted VIP tickets and we ended up feeling jealous of those in standing VIP. We promised that if they come back to the Philippines, we'll definitely be jumping with the crowd!

Last year, when Ambition tour's Manila stop was announced, I woke up early to buy tickets from the mall below my condo. Fast forward to January 29, the day finally came for our live OOR experience! That Monday night, I worked from 6am - 3pm and by 4pm my sister and I were on our way to Mall of Asia Arena. The traffic was tolerable and we still had a chance to claim our freebies, a poster and Pulp magazine, before eating early dinner. This was the first time that we learned about the queueing ticket that we need to log online. I printed it and we’re #56 and 57 on the gold entrance but we decided to stroll around at the mall instead. It turned out to be a good decision because when we returned by 7pm, we we're able to go inside the arena in a breeze.
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Finally, the lights were dimmed and we knew that the concert will start in a bit. They kicked off with the intro from Ambitions. When I saw Taka (singer), Toru (guitarist) Ryota (bass), and Tomoya (drums) on stage, I immediately forgot that I was tired from work and feeling sleepy.

     Deeper and deeper 
 Taking off 
 Cry out 
 Greeting in Pinoy 
 More dancing and jumping with OOR
Toru guitar solo 
Clock Strikes 
Bedroom Warfare
 Wherever You Are
One Way Ticket
Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya's solo
Bon Voyage
I Was King
Take What You Want
The Beginning
Mighty Long Fall
We Are


American Girls,” - “Come and break my heart, you Filipina girls!”
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

My sister told me that OOR’s official Philippine fan club distributed yellow and red tapes to cover phone's flash lights and it resulted to an ocean of yellow and red lights. It was a great sight from our area and I can imagine from the band's angle as well. There were big screen displays and better stage lighting this time but the best part of OOR experience is their raw talent with flashes of showmanship.

It took me a week to physically recover from my body pain because I was jumping like crazy for hours but this tita will do it all over again!

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