Bucket List

I noticed that I often accomplish things when I list it on a to do note. I've been planning to write my bucket list but I've been slacking. So here's the list of small and big to do, that I'll update from time to time=)

Be independent, in 2011 I moved out of the house & shared an apartment with Tyni- Move in to my own condo in January 2014. New house with my own family
Kiss a stranger hehehe
Fall in love --Fall in love and be loved in 2016 
Get married and raise my own family =)
Get fit. Join a gym. Gain weight. DIY Yoga/Pilates. 1 year Gold's Gym Membership->Swim
Wear high heels for a week.
Try Yoga->Pilates-> Zumba -> Belly dancing classes-Hip hop class
Learn a foreign language- Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian= Japanese
Learn how to cook -  Adobo, Cordon blue, Bistek Tagalog. Chopsuey Nilaga. Sinigang. Lechong Paksiw  Cook once a month week-Japanese Curry
Learn how to bake - Cake, cookies. Bake once a month
Update my blog for 1 whole year, At least 4 blog posts per month in 2013 2014 2017
Keep a grateful journal to list down things to be thankful for.
Kick an annoying habit - be more positive and kind.
Get over that no good for me ex. Get over that no good for me ex
Do something special for mom. Do something special for mom
Do something special for dad. Do something special for dad
Volunteer for a cause "GreenPeace"- Corporate Citizenship and stick to it
Learn how to drive
Stick to a beauty regimen and fight skin aging
Take stairs instead of elevator
Gain new friends. Catch up with good old friends.
Read at least 1 book a month. Read at least 1 book a month and blog about it
Be more serious about savings and finances
Create a soundtrack for my life
Try out a new cuisine
Organize closet
Be more thoughtful to people
Practice an eco friendly lifestyle
Buy 1 gadget that i really like. iPhone 3G. 4S. Note 3. Nikon DigiCam. Acer Laptop*Iphone6s
Go on a retreat -Join a bible study group
Take up a new sport - badminton
Count my blessings
Dare to try out a new trend-full bangs in a year.  Try out a new hairstyle -kulot?- Short hair. Curly hair.
Stay away from toxic people
Face a fear
Visit a foreign locale. HongKong 2011.Thailand 2012. South Korea in 2013. Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea in 2014. Japan 2015. US and Korea in 2016. Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand 2017
Do something new with my hair. full bangs. short hair.
Watch a play. Dr Seuss. Cinderella. Rak of Aegis
Go to the spa. Korean Jjilbang. Japanese onsen
Work out thrice a week. Work out twice a week. Swimming
Finish scrapbook. Digital Scrapbook 8x8 project
Get lost and explore a new place- one morning in Cebu!.5 days in Tokyo. Coron solo backpacking
Take photos
Buy a camera ->Polaroid-> Nikon Point & Shoot
Learn from a mistake. Learn from a mistake
Gatecrash a party
Vote. Vote. Vote
Isolate myself from the rest of the world for 1 day
Segregate your trash
Get drunk. Get drunk. Get drunk. Get drunk. Get drunk.
Go crazy for a night!
Watch a series 1 day-night straight!
Sing hearts out with friends!Sing hearts out with friends!Sing hearts out with friends!
Buy new shoes. Buy new shoes. Buy new shoes. Buy new shoes. Buy new shoes. Buy new shoes. 
Do something uexpected for someone you care about - birthday surprises!bridal shower
Quiet mind for 1 whole day, dont talk
Do something for the environment.
Live in the moment.
Join a club for something that I like. Yoga Club.
Think about my life dream. Make it a reality.
Create something completely my own
Decorate my condo
Host a party for friends! HS reunion. stag party. Condo blessing part 1-5.
Paint. Scrapbooking.
Cry my heart out
Dance like no one's watching
Write myself a love letter
Play like a kid
Visit a museum
Wear costume. Geisha. Dark Angel. Little red riding hood. Hanbok. Yukata
Contact long lost friends
Vision board
Swim in the beach
Be the last one standing on a buffet. Be the last one standing on a buffet. Be the last one standing on a buffet

Doll up!
Learn to play a musical instrument. Guitar
Read an autobio
Watch a documentary. Hay naku puro CNBlue. Watch CNBlue live! Watch CNBLUE in Budokan. Watch One OK Rock
Watch an orchestra play
Buy original CDs of the artists that I support

Discover the beauty of Philippines!
Places in Luzon - Pangasinan, Tagaytay, Tarlac, Baguio, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Pampanga, Puerto Galera, Zambales, Laoag, Vigan, Pagudpud, Boracay, Baler, Tanza, Cavite
Any place in Visayas - Cebu, Bohol, Legazpi
Any place in Mindanao - Davao, Coron

Travel abroad!
HongKong, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, LA, New York, San Francisco, California, Las Vegas

With SO
Watch sunset
Catch sunrise
Walk in the rain
Travel- Baguio